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Qianrui Li, David Gesbert, Nicolas Gresset, "Joint Precoding over a Master-slave Coordination Link", IEEE ICASSP, Florence, Italy, May 2014

Li_ICASSP.pdf (142KB)


F. Hasegawa, M. Higashinaka, A. Okazaki, F. Ishizu, D. Castelain, L. Brunel, D. Mottier, “Phase-Anchored SC-OFDM,” IEEE Wireless Communication Letters, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 22-25, January 2014

Castelain_IEEE2014.pdf (375KB)


D. Mentré, C. Dross, P. Efstathopoulos, D. Lesens, Y. Moy, "Rail, Space, Security: Three Case Studies for SPARK 2014," ERTS, Toulouse, Février 2014

Mentre_ERTS2014.pdf (354KB)


M. Crussière, C. Douillard, C. Gallard, M. Le Bot, B. Ros, A. Bouttier, A. Untersee, "A Unified Broadcast Layer for Horizon 2020 Delivery of Multimedia Services," IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Vol. 60, No. 2, June 2014

Bouttier_IEEE2014.pdf (3664KB)


D. Castelain, C. Ciochina-Duchesne, J. Guillet, F. Hasegawa, "SC-OFDM, a Low-Complexity Technique for High Performance Satellite Communications," ICSSC 2014

Castelain_ICSSC2014.pdf (591KB)


G. Lefevre, N. Degrenne, S. Mollov, ‘Thermal Management of a Low-cost 2kW Solar Inverter,’ EPE, Lappeenranta, Aug. 2014

Lefevre_EPE2014.pdf (569KB)


G. Lefevre, N. Degrenne, S. Mollov, ‘Optimisation Thermique d’un Onduleur Solaire Bas-coût de 2kW,’ SGE, Cachan, Juillet 2014

Lefevre_SGE2014.pdf (1304KB)


J. Ewanchuk, G. Lefevre, S. Mollov, ‘Topological and Device Cost-Performance Optimisation for 3-Phase Inverters in High Speed Electric Drive Systems,’ ISPS, Prague, Aug. 2014

Ewanchuk_ISPS2014.pdf (884KB)